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A new milestone towards completion: jump-start of the Jasmund Offshore Substation (Ostwind 3 OSS)

Jasmund Offshore Substation

Published on 15 February 2024

The HSI Joint Venture consisting of HSM Offshore Energy, Smulders and Iv, together with our customer 50Hertz, celebrate a new milestone towards the completion of the Jasmund substation. During the ceremony we celebrate the first deck lift and the start of erection phase; traditionally a memorable moment during construction.

The platform will be built at the HSI Stormpolder yard (Krimpen aan den IJssel), after which it will leave offshore for installation at the Windanker wind farm, north of the German town of Lubmin. Jasmund substation has a capacity of 300 Megawatt; sufficient to generate an amount of green energy for approximately 260,000 German households annually.

HSM Offshore Energy, Smulders and Iv are responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, transport & installation and commissioning of the substation and jacket in this 50Hertz project.

We are proud that the HSI Joint Venture have received the trust of 50Hertz and look forward with confidence and pleasure to the safe completion of the Jasmund Offshore Substation and its jacket foundation.

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