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You’ll be at the forefront of pioneering sustainable energy solutions, merging innovative engineering with a legacy of expertise. Join us and shape the future of the offshore energy landscape.

HSM steel welding in yard

Spark your career and make a difference

At HSM Offshore Energy, we encourage personal growth and believe that every individual brings a unique perspective that can propel us forward. Our leadership fosters an environment where you’re encouraged to take the helm, innovate, and stretch your boundaries. With an experienced team beside you, always ready to mentor and guide, you’ll have the resources and camaraderie needed to excel and truly make a difference in the world of offshore energy.

Broaden your horizons

You’ll find yourself amidst a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, each bringing a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table. Our collaborative environment fosters mutual learning and respect, ensuring that every day presents an opportunity to broaden your horizons, share knowledge, and forge lasting relationships with individuals united in their passion for excellence in offshore energy.


Unsolicited job application: always welcome!

As a professional organisation with excellent prospects for the future, we always like to meet enthusiastic men and women who want to develop their talents further in a pleasant and open work environment. If you want to extend your limits, we would like to meet you to see whether we can offer you a challenging new job.

If you are interested in coming to work for our organisation, but no suitable vacancies are posted on our website, please send an unsolicited job application.

Spark The Future Open Positions

Steel Construction Fitter
Full time

As a Steel Construction Fitter, you will play a crucial role in fitting, assembling, and installing various structures used in offshore platforms, jackets, and related components.

Schiedam Full time
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Production coordinator

As a Production coordinator, you will work at HSM Offshore Energy to coordinate and prepare the production of challenging steel structures for appealing projects in the field of High Voltage Substations, Hydrogen Platforms, Gas Production/Processing Modules and Steel Jacket Foundations.

Schiedam 36-40hrs
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Production Manager
Full time

As a Production Manager you will play a critical role in overseeing and optimizing the manufacturing and production processes to ensure projects are executed efficiently, within planning and budget and with the highest quality standards.

Schiedam Full time
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Senior Project Manager
Full time

As a Senior Project Manager, you will lead a multi-disciplinary team of Project Engineers, Planners, Engineers and subcontractors.

Schiedam 40hr
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Project Engineer
Full time

As a Project Engineer you will play a pivotal role in managing and overseeing the construction projects from inception to completion.

Schiedam Full time
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Unsolicited job application
Unsolicited job

If you are interested in coming to work for our organisation, but no suitable vacancies are posted on our website, please send an unsolicited job application.

Schiedam Unsolicited job
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Our people about HSM Why join us

Remco van Liempd - HSM

At HSM Offshore Energy we do everything as a team in a pleasant working atmosphere and therefore deliver great projects for our customers.

Remco van Liempd Collaborating Foreman – HSM Offshore Energy

Marijn Coenen_E&I Manager_HSM Offshore Energy

For me, working at HSM Offshore Energy means challenging projects, where I have a broad role in looking for the best solution regardless of the topic within a project.

Marijn Coenen E&I Manager – HSM Offshore Energy

Ronald Eraya HSM Offshore Energy

The variety in the work within my field that allows me to practice my skills, the opportunities and the people I work with make that I enjoy coming to HSM Offshore Energy every day.

Ronald Eraya Aanbouwer – HSM Offshore Energy


The challenge for me remains to deliver high quality again and again and I am proud of what we as a team at HSM Offshore Energy build, deliver and install.

Rene Vos Welder – HSM Offshore Energy

HSM_Rodin Wiersma

Every project is a challenge and to be able to participate in such enormous projects and to see the end result when a project is finished makes me proud.

Rodin Wiersma QC Inspector – HSM Offshore Energy

HSM Herbert Grootbod

At HSM Offshore Energy we have compact project teams that deliver projects together with enthusiasm and commitment. Within HSM Offshore Energy you have the freedom to do everything you need within your work area to make the project a success.

Herbert Grootbod Project Manager – HSM Offshore Energy

HSM Tigo de Jong

I have been working at HSM Offshore Energy for almost 3 months now and what I am proud of is that I am already independently making parts that are needed for use in the factory, and that I am actually involved in the daily practice and have the freedom to do things myself.

Tigo de Jong Apprentice – HSM Offshore Energy

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