H2SEA - Offshore Green Hydrogen Production


A scalable range of offshore green hydrogen production platforms from 50 MW to 400 MW providing a cost-effective solution for large scale offshore green hydrogen production and pipeline export to shore

Enable economic application of large-scale green hydrogen production at sea powered by wind energy

Efficient platform design combined with hydrogen transport via existing pipelines



is a private company aimed to be the knowledge centre for offshore hydrogen. Full suite of services are provided to unlock the potential of offshore hydrogen with studies for planning, permitting support, design, building and delivery. 


Supported by highly valued partners, providing amongst others a pool of highly skilled engineers and modern fabrication facilities with direct access to the North Sea:

  • Enersea BV

    A multi-discipline management and engineering service provider specialised in the offshore energy sector with innovative designs from concept through to execution. Located in Schiedam, NL.

  • HSM Offshore Energy BV

    Turnkey EPCIC provider of platforms, sub structures and modules for the upstream offshore energy sector. Located in Schiedam, NL.


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