Murdoch CMS III Compression module (MC2)

The new CMS III MC2 compression module shall provide compression facilities on the Murdoch Compression (MC) platform in parallel to the existing compression train (MC1) in order to process and accelerate the gas production of 5 new fields. The work comprised the project management, design and engineering, provision of materials and equipment, fabrication, construction, onshore commissioning, load-out and seafastening, transportation, installation and assistance in initial hook-up and offshore vendor supplied package commissioning under third party supervision of the Murdoch Compression Module.

  • LocationMurdoch
  • Dimensions40x12x18 metres
  • Weight960 tonnes
  • Contract AwardJuly 2001
  • CompletionJuly 2003
  • ContractEPCI
  • ClientConocoPhilips


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HSM Offshore Energy - Murdoch CMS III Compression module