Shell Leman Uptime Compression Platform

Procurement, fabrication, testing and commissioning of a compression platform for the Shell Leman Uptime Compression Project. The work comprises a topside which houses a 2-stage LP- and a 1-stage HP gas compressor, both gas turbine driven, with ancillaries such as scrubbers, coolers and fuel gas treatment. The topside is supported by a 4 legged, piled through the legs, jacket and bridge -linked to the existing Leman ‘A' Complex. Jacket and bridge are also part of the work.

  • LocationLeman Field, UK Southern North Sea
  • DimensionsTopside 41 x 41,5 x 30 metres
    Jacket 22 x 22 x 48 metres
    Bridge 37 x 4 x 4 metres
  • WeightTopside 3570 tonnes
    Jacket 800 tonnes
    Piles 755 tonnes
    Bridge 130 tonnes
  • Contract AwardNovember 2012
  • CompletionAugust 2014
  • ContractEPC
  • ClientShell U.K. Limited
  • Consultant/EngineerIv-Offshore & Energy


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HSM Offshore Energy – Shell Leman
HSM Offshore Energy – Shell Leman