AWG-1 Production Platform and Wellhead Deck

The EPCI project scope contains the gas production platform, 24-person accommodation module, helideck, vent/microwave tower, bridge and 12 slot wellhead deck. Because of the local waterdepth of 6 metres the production platform was designed as a jack-up barge with a 'De Long' jacking system. The wellhead deck was installed by Taklift 1.

  • LocationAWG-1, Ameland
  • DimensionsProduction platform 45x25x22 metres
    Wellhead deck 22x9x10 metres
    Microwave tower 64 metres
  • WeightProduction platform 4100 tonnes
    Wellhead deck 500 tonnes
  • Contract AwardMay 1984
  • CompletionAugust 1985 (installation)
    Januari 1986 (production start-up)
  • ContractEPCI + Hook-up
  • ClientNAM


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HSM Offshore Energy - AWG-1 (NAM)