J6A Markham Compression/Riser Platform

Engineering, procurement, fabrication, load-out and seafastening of a gas compression and riser platform, bridge linked to the existing J6A Markham platform. This platform provides compression facilities for the existing J6A/Markham platform and facilities to receive and process gas from the Chiswick platform and Newfield Grove platform. Capacity 6 million Nm³ of gas per day.

  • LocationJ6A Markham, Dutch North Sea
  • DimensionsTopside 30x20x20 metres
    Jacket 20x20x60 metres
  • WeightTopside 1200 tonnes
    Jacket 850 tonnes
    Piles 800 tonnes
  • Contract AwardNovember 2005
  • CompletionAugust 2006
  • ContractEPC
  • ClientSpirit Energy (formerly Centrica / CH4 Nederland BV / Venture)


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HSM Offshore Energy - J6A Markham (Spirit Energy
HSM Offshore Energy - J6A Markham (Spirit Energy)
HSM Offshore Energy - J6A Markham (Spirit Energy)