PLEM Subsea Manifold

PLEM Subsea Manifold, part of Offloading Terminal at Covenas, Columbia. The PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold) is part of the Offloading Terminal at Covenas and belongs to the Cusiana/Cupiagua field in Columbia. The PLEM is piled to the seabed and is connected to the turret and a pipeline to the onshore terminal by 2 submarine hose strings. The CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) for this project was also fabricated by HSM.

  • LocationColumbia
  • Dimensions17x14x4 metres
  • Weight160 tonnes
  • Contract AwardSeptember 1995
  • CompletionMay 1996
  • ContractPC
  • ClientBP/Ocensa Columbia
  • Subcontract fromBluewater Engineering
  • Consultant/EngineerBluewater Engineering


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HSM Offshore Energy - PLEM Subsea Manifold (Bluewater)
HSM Offshore Energy - PLEM Subsea Manifold (Bluewater)