N05-A Platform for ONE-Dyas

ONE-Dyas discovered the N05-A field in August 2017. This field is partly located in the Dutch North Sea and partly in the German North Sea. Company will develop the N05-A field with a NNMI (Not Normally Manned installation) and APL (Autonomous Production Location) gas / condensate production process. The Living Quarter will be designed as a permanent manned installation, nevertheless the Platform N05-A will be operated as a NNMI. The export route is a pipeline to a side tap in the NGT.


The N05-A project concerns the development of an offshore platform (topsides and 6 legged non-battered jacket) with 10 well slots (B producing and 2 spare slots ) with an installed production capacity of 6 MNm3/day including an allowance for production via incoming risers of 2.5 MNm3/day.

  • LocationDutch North Sea / German North Sea
  • DimensionsTopside 61,5 x 34 x 15 metres
    Jacket 40 x 20 x 50 metres
  • WeightTopside 3200 tonnes
    Jacket 2800 tonnes
    Piles 1800 tonnes
  • Contract AwardJuly 2022
  • CompletionApril 2024
  • ContractC
  • ClientONE-Dyas


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HSM Offshore Energy - N05-A Platform (ONE-dyas)
HSM Offshore Energy - N05-A Platform (ONE-dyas)
HSM Offshore Energy - N05-A Platform - Upending jacket top part (ONE-Dyas) (Photo: Stouthandel)
HSM Offshore Energy - N05-A Platform ( ONE-dyas)
HSM Offshore Energy - N05-A Platform (ONE-dyas)