Monotower Platform L13-FI-1

Fabrication, pre-commissioning, load-out and seafastening of the Monotower Platform L13-FI-1.

Client Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM)
Location L13, Dutch North Sea
Contract PC
Contract Award January 2016
Completed May 2017

Project information

The design of the Monotower Platform is based on the existing L09-FA design. Produced gas will be exported by a 12” pipeline to K15-FA-1. A piggyback line will be installed for import of one production chemical (KHI). On the platform an injection skid, comprising of a storage tank and injection pumps, will be installed for injection of a second production chemical (CI). Communication and control signals will be exchanged with the K15-FA-1 platform by means of a line of sight link.

  • Topside 13.5×13.5×15 metres
  • Monotower dia. 4.5/3.5 metres x approx. 50 meters
  • Monopile dia. 4.5 metres x approx. 40 metres
  • Topside 255 tonnes
  • Monotower 312 tonnes
  • Monopile 360 tonnes
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